Paras Foundation, Munger

Welcome to Paras Foundation, Munger [Bihar]

Paras Foundation is a nonprofitable public welfare trust registered under Indian Trust act 1982 establishing better education from primary to higher education and integrated development of poor’s, marginalized, orphans, widows, minorities, tribal’s, urban poor’s, unorganized labors and uncared senior citizen with sound health and hygiene as well as to save environment by sanitation, plantation and forestry. The trust also work for providing relief in event of natural calamities like flood, fire , famine , drought,…..


Vision & Mission:

Paras Foundation visualize a society in which all people have access to better education , Hygiene and health, Employment, sanitation and Economic self reliance. Paras Foundation also visualize develop agriculture, allied agriculture activity as profitable and viable and establishing small industrial units and service centers as well as establishing skill development centers to create employment for youths of the nation.

Establish well educated and poverty free society free from pollution with sound health and hygiene.


  • Education
  • Skill development
  • Employment creation
  • Economic self reliance
  • Health and hygiene.
  • Poverty alleviation.
  • Environment protection by plantation and forestry.
  • Animal health protection.


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